Following sexual assault allegations, EA is cutting ties with the acclaimed video game writer who worked on the latest 'Star Wars' game EA

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Across the last two weeks, video game writer Chris Avellone has been accused of sexual assault by several women.

Avellone was one of the writers involved in "Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order," a story-driven single-player "Star Wars" game that sold over 10 million copies.

A sequel to "Fallen Order" is currently in production, but Avellone is off the project, EA said. "We take all allegations of harassment and abuse very seriously," the company said in a statement, "and the recent reports that have surfaced are very concerning. EA has no plans to work with Chris Avellone moving forward."

Avellone has a long history in the video game business, having worked on major franchises like "Fallout" and cofounded Obsidian Entertainment.

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Chris Avellone, the writer behind the 2019's "Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order" and many other successful video game series, has been accused of sexual assault and inappropriate behavior by several women in the past two weeks.

"He got me blackout drunk," one woman said. "He and two friends somehow got me back to my room, where he pounced in front of the other guys." Another woman, Christy Dena, echoed that experience in a public response. Dena said she had "the same kind of scenario in 2013" with Avellone. See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: Why thoroughbred horse semen is the world's most expensive liquidSee Also:Read the letter Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot sent to staff about sexual-harassment allegations and his promise to 'personally follow' each caseA Las Vegas apartment complex added an esports lounge as an amenity and says its the first of its kind in the US see insideThe best deals on Xbox One consoles, controllers, and games right now including 40 off 'Call of Duty: Black Ops 4'