How Hunter S. Thompson wrote the greatest press release in military history

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Long before Hunter S. Thompson was a renowned journalist and author, he was a 19-year-old airmen at a base in Florida.

But even during that humble beginning, the flair and personality that distinguished Thompson's work were already evident.

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Even before Hunter S. Thompson achieved national acclaim as an author who roared down highways with the Hell's Angels and wrought havoc on the Las Vegas strip in real life, in print, and on screen , he had a belligerent streak that was hard to hide, if he ever tried at all.

He certainly didn't hide it when he was a young airman. Right before his discharge from the Air Force, then-Airman 1st Class Thompson published a fake news release about "one of the most savage and unnatural airmen" any senior leader had ever come across.See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: People in California are microdosing on LSD and they say it's making them more productiveSee Also:After 67 years, time is running out for the Air Force to recover remains from a long-forgotten crash siteThe Army is adopting a 'guaranteed hit' rifle system to blast drones out of the skyThe Air Force's last AC-130U gunship, named 'Big Daddy,' made history before a flight this monthSEE ALSO: The Navy told a SEAL to remove the Trident from his book about the dog with him on the Bin Laden raid