Mark Cuban says schools shouldn't reopen until there's a coronavirus vaccine

Get the Full StoryAs Trump pushes schools nationwide to reopen in the fall, billionaire Mark Cuban took to Twitter to voice a different action plan: wait until there's a vaccine.

In a long thread, Cuban argued that pushing the academic calendar year back could be largely beneficial, and far less dangerous and expensive than the alternative.

The newfound time could be used to plan an informed and safer "segmented school year that goes year round" instead of the current scenario in which schools are "effectively winging it."

Cuban didn't provide an answer for how parents could absorb the cost of caring for their kids for months longer, but on Andrew Yang's podcast he hinted at a solution for this: caretaker basic income.

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Mark Cuban has ideas for how schools should reopen. It probably won't be this fall, it won't be as dangerous or expensive as the one currently being pursued. And it has the chance to revolutionize American education.

Cuban laid out his "risk assessment" in a lengthy Twitter thread on Tuesday that emerged from an online conversation he was having with, among others, professional poker player Matt Glantz.See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: Swayze Valentine is the only female treating fighters' cuts and bruises inside the UFC octagonSee Also:Orange County, California plans to reopen schools without requiring masks or social distancing6 in 10 US workers support going back to in-person learning in the fall, but a lot of people are worried schools aren't readyCalifornia's 2 biggest school districts plan to remain remote in the fall