Because of the pandemic, there's no financial peer pressure which means now is the perfect time to focus on your savings goals

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The COVID-19 pandemic and related shutdowns have prompted millions of Americans to reassess their finances.

When my state shut down, I did a deep dive into my own financial plans and realized the pandemic was presenting me with an opportunity: With no financial peer pressure, I could save more than ever.

If you're in the same position, consider paying down your debts more aggressively, saving for a future bucket-list trip, or looking for a new job if you hate your current position. Now is the time to tackle your most unsexy money goals.

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I will never forget the second week of March 2020 for as long as I live. It's the week that the City of Denver and the state of Colorado shut down everything because of COVID-19. The ski resorts, casinos, and small businesses were shut down, and we were all sent home, reeling in shock. This wasn't what I planned for.

Then people began to lose their jobs, be tasked with working from home, and, in many cases, educating their children, too. As a contentious Congress scrambled to create a lifeline for millions, we soon realized that we were dealing with a Black Swan event and that change was coming, whether or not we were prepared for it. See the rest of the story at Business InsiderSee Also:The best 2-year CD rates for August 2020OneMain Financial personal loans allow anyone to apply, with no minimum credit scoreMy husband got a new job, and we're saving 70 of his income by cutting our expenses in 6 ways