The FBI Might Not Have Been Looking For Guns When They Raided Jake Paul s House

Get the Full StoryIt would appear that Jake Paul s recent home raid situation might have just gotten upgraded from a Yikes to a full-blown Not dope just trying to use slang that his 10-year-old fans would understand . Two days ago, the real-life Idiocracy character found his Calabasas home filled with dozens of federal agents, who had obtained a search warrant on his house.

At the time, the reason for why they were there was a bit of a mystery. Some thought it might have something to do with Jake s recent conversion to The Church of LMFAO, which holds high the belief that you never stop party rocking, not even in the middle of a global pandemic. Others suspected it had something to do with illegal firearms, as many agents were seen confiscating guns from the property. TMZ believes it has everything to do with Jake s alleged participation in the looting of an Arizona mall during Black Lives Matters protests.

During a George Floyd protest in Scottsdale in May, Jake allegedly used the protests as an excuse to loot the Fashion Square mall. Jake was identified in multiples videos shot at Fashion Square during one protest on May 30th, and police charged him with criminal trespass and unlawful assembly. Police also raided the Las Vegas home of Jake s friend Armani Izadi, who was allegedly identified in the looting videos with him.

Sources claim that s exactly why the feds stormed Jake Paul s house on Wednesday. Except TMZ doesn t know the specific connection between the Scottsdale mall looting, and the federal search warrant on his house. So this is where we can wildly speculate on what the FBI needed to see in Jake s home. Were they searching for stolen merchandise? Blueprints of the mall with certain stores circled in red marker? A shred of evidence that Jake isn t a morally-bankrupt d-bag? Don t search too hard for that last one, you might be looking a while.

The firearms confiscated from Jake s house were just something they had to legally deal with when they got there, because Jake is an idiot who just leaves piles of guns laying around:

As you know, aerial footage of the scene from ABC 7 showed law enforcement officials walking down Jake s driveway with rifles and perhaps shotguns. We re told Sheriff s deputies seized the guns once FBI agents entered the home because the house was not secured and deputies couldn t just leave the guns laying around. Our sources stress the guns were not taken as evidence of any crime, or FBI agents would have taken them themselves.

TMZ adds that if Jake wants his guns back, he just has to swing by the Los Angeles County Sheriff s Department with proof that he owns them. If those guns could talk. They d probably tell anyone who enters the evidence room, Please, don t make me go back to Jake s house, it sucks there.

Pic: Instagram