Prince Harry s Childhood Best Friend Reportedly Got Iced Out For Raising Concerns About Meghan Markle

Get the Full StoryWhen Prince Harry got married to Meghan Markle in May 2018, he chose his older brother Prince William as his best man. Since then, we ve learned that the title of best man might have been a little misleading. Harry himself has admitted that he and his brother have a bit of a de Havilland Fontaine thing going on. So William might have just been the best human option that identifies as a man. Because now we re learning that Harry probably didn t have an Option B-FF, if you will. The Telegraph has published a new excerpt from Finding Freedom, the unauthorized tell-all about Harry and Meghan. In it, The Telegraph reports that Harry temporarily stopped answering calls from his childhood best friend after his friend suggested to Harry that he move in with Meghan before putting a ring on it.

We ve heard before that Harry sort of cut himself off from anyone who doubted his relationship with Meghan. William allegedly warned Harry not to rush things with Meghan, which resulted in Harry and splitting from their established charity foundation. We have also heard that Harry pretty much cut off all his friends during Meghan s pregnancy, except for his longtime chum Charlie van Straubenzee, who is one of Baby Archie s secret godparents. Harry was also very good friends with a British dude named Tom Skippy Inskip must be a Family Ties fan , who Harry knew from Eton, and the British press considered to be Harry s wingman. Harry and Meghan attended Skippy s wedding in 2017, which was the first time Harry and Meghan were seen holding hands in public. But Harry and Skippy s relationship hit the skids in a big way when Skippy decided to throw in his two tuppence about Harry s relationship with American TV actress Meghan Markle. via Page Six:

Skippy advised his royal BFF to live with the Suits actress before doing anything more serious, according to The Telegraph. Although the advice came from a good place, Harry didn t totally see it that way, a source is quoted as saying in the book, Finding Freedom.

It really hurt Harry that someone he was so close to would not trust his judgment, said the source, who is understood to have spoken to the biographers with Harry and Meghan s permission, The Telegraph said.

That s when Harry decided to punish Skippy and his wife, Lara Hughes-Young, by making sure they didn t receive an invitation to Harry and Meghan s private wedding party at Frogmore House. Skippy and Lara got an invite to the ceremony, but were denied access to the VIP reception after.

According to Finding Freedom, Harry and Skippy eventually patched things up after Lara s mother died in 2019. And it sounds like people in the royal inner circle are hoping Harry pulls out the old olive branch in regards to William. Page Six says that one source who spoke to the authors of Finding Freedom believes that the future of the British monarchy depends solely on William and Harry being friends again.

The future of this monarchy relies solely on the four people currently in Kensington Palace. The public popularity only lies with them, said the insider. When Prince Charles becomes king, the only way it lasts is if the four of them are not at war.

Who knows? Maybe Harry will deliver another quick friendship forgiveness turnaround. But I still can t get over Harry s judgment as a friend here. Harry got so pissed at the mere suggestion that he should shack up with Meghan for a bit? Skippy was just looking out for his mate when it comes to girls. Like Skippy always does, apparently. Skippy was with Harry the night he got caught partying in Las Vegas. How could you cut off a friend that showed you that much of a good time? A friend that encourages you to get sloppy as fuck in a Vegas hotel room, while also reminding you to cover your dick in pictures, should cement loyalty for life.