The best WFH work-from-hotel deals available right now

Get the Full StoryAlmost six months into the pandemic, many are still working and learning from home and eager for a change of scenery.

Hotels are helping out by offering WFH work-from-hotel deals that offer beautiful views, socially-distant amenities, childcare, high-speed Wi-Fi, and reduced rates.

Some properties require a minimum number of nights for a "work-cation," while others offer remote office space day rates.

Rates begin at 75 per day and 89 per night, but keep an eye on hotspot states and be sure to check COVID advisories and assess your own risk before considering any WFH packages.

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As the pandemic continues and many remain at home, it's easy to feel a little bit like Alice in Wonderland and wonder: Are we getting bigger, or are our homes simply growing smaller? Because, whether we're in a wide-open residence or cramped in a city apartment, most of us are starting to feel like the walls are closing in.

In response, and as a way to kickstart an industry heavily impacted by the novel coronavirus, hoteliers are increasingly offering "work-cation" and WFH work-from-hotel COVID travel deals. Some are tempting locals stuck in quarantine and seeking staycation ideas, while others are forgoing the notion of vacation altogether by offering day rates for sleek, highly functional workspaces. Other packages include amenities for childcare, education, fitness, dining, and reduced rates for everything from on-site happy hour to flights.

We rounded up standout offerings at hotels that adhere to COVID safety policies, such as requiring masks, social distancing, and other measures per CDC and state requirements. But be sure to check for specific rules. For example, masks may be required outdoors at pool areas, such as in Las Vegas, mandatory quarantine periods may be in place for out-of-state travelers, or you may be required to do so upon your return.

And, of course, without a vaccine, there is no firm guarantee with regard to safe vacations. It's crucial to follow CDC guidelines and practice safety measures. Additionally, consider your own level of risk, and whether you're traveling from or to a hotspot, so as not to increase the rate of infection. In those cases, it might be wise to wait until it's safer to travel. After all, experts say checking-into a hotel means mingling with other guests and staff in common spaces like the lobby, elevators, pool decks, spas, and golf courses. And that's all assuming your own guest room is clean and sanitized.

Finally, while you may not see a travel deal right now in your own state below, that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Where one Hyatt or Marriott participates in a promotion, another is likely to follow. It doesn't hurt to call and ask your hometown favorite if they're offering a WFH staycation package.

With summer coming to a close, rates for these coronavirus travel deals begin as low as 75 per day and 89 per night, and most per hotel representatives are available indefinitely. Just note that some of these packages don't show up on hotel websites.

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These are the best WFH work-from-hotel deals available right now, sorted by state.BI

River Terrace Inn - Napa

River Terrace Inn

Book a room at the River Terrace Inn

WFH Deal: "Work from wine country" package, rates start at 260

At the River Terrace Inn, working from wine country does indeed involve happy hour. This contemporary establishment on the banks of the Napa River offers bright, airy rooms and suites, most of them with balconies. Open the doors and let the harvest-scented breezes in.

WFH Packages include an indoor or outdoor remote office set up with complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi; all-day coffee, tea, and green juice for energy; and a pair of cocktails and appetizers at the on-site eatery, ALBA, which has an outdoor terrace with seating around fire pits. You'll also receive two 25 gift cards to explore wine country, one for the venerable Gott's Roadside so that you can escape the "office" for lunch, and one for Model Bakery for a mid-day snack.

Your dog is also welcome to join for a 75 non-refundable fee that includes a plush bed, water and food bowls, a welcome amenity with treats, and cleanup bags.

Rates for this package begin at 260 excluding tax and 25 destination fee . For room reservations, visit the website or call 866 627-2386.

Les Cactus - Palm Springs

Les Cactus

Book a room at Les Cactus

WFH Deal: "Out of Office" package, rates start at 139

Peaceful desert air awaits at Les Cactus, a charming 27-room hotel with a retro motel vibe that is one of the region's latest debuts.

Les Cactus is worried about your COVID brain, so relax with the "Out of the Office" package. Each room has a separate entranceway that opens directly to outside, so there's no mingling in enclosed spaces, which is a known COVID risk. If you stay at least three nights, you'll get one free.

In addition, Wi-Fi is complimentary and operates poolside, so you can work and play at the same time. In the morning, use the provided 30 gift card to Koffi coffee shop, a local favorite, or Chef Tanya's vegan Kitchen to fuel your day. At night, light the candle provided in your room to calm your over-Zoomed mind. And, of course, that of your dog, who is also welcome to WFH.Rates begin at 139. Email hello or book via website until September 30, 2020.

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