Phil Collins Is Now Suing His Ex-Wife Orianne Cevey To Get Her Out Of His House

Get the Full StoryPhil Collins once sang, You can t hurry love. But apparently, when it comes to love that has long passed its expiration date, it s more like, You can stop taking your fucking time and give me the keys NOW, please. Phil wants his ex-wife Orianne Cevey out of the house he owns, and he s so serious about how long she s been dragging her feet, that he s gotten his lawyer involved.

It was reported last week that Phil was trying to evict Orianne, his third ex-wife, from the Florida mansion she s currently living in a house owned by Phil . Orianne and Phil married in 1999 and split up in 2008. She walked away with a 46.76 million divorce settlement. Since then, she got married to a man named Charles, divorced him, got back together with Phil, then allegedly cheated on Phil during business trips to Las Vegas with a guy named Thomas Bates, who she has been married to for two months.

Orianne is staying at Phil s 33 million Miami Beach mansion and doesn t want to leave. Phil, on the other hand, gave her and Thomas until October 12th to get out. They didn t do that. So he is suing her. via People:

The lawsuit, filed on Wednesday, accuses Orianne of unlawful detainer and forcible entry. Orianne and Bates, according to the documents, have taken possession of the Property by a show of force, allegedly hiring armed guards to patrol the Property with openly displayed firearms and changing alarm codes.

Excuse me? Armed guards? Did I miss the part of Orianne and Thomas marriage announcement where they reveal they ve legally changed their names to Elvira and Tony Montana? Because this is like Scarface, minus the mountains of cocaine and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio.

But all we have right now is Phil s side of things because Orianne apparently doesn t want to talk about this. When it was first reported that Phil was trying to evict her from the home, her attorney told People: We will deal with Mr. Collins in the courthouse, not the gossip column. No, don t feel like you have to! You re not bothering us, really. We d love to know more. Like what did you change the alarm codes to? Something extra petty that he d have a hard time guessing? You totally changed it to Lily Collins birth date, didn t you?