Nicolas Cage Once Gave 20,000 In Roulette Winnings To An Orphanage

Get the Full StoryEven though Nicolas Cage is currently working on two different projects his turn as Tiger King Joe Exotic for an 8-part miniseries and his is turn as Nicolas Cage in the movie The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent he s bored enough in quarantine that he s considering teaching his pet crow, which eats Sheba Perfect Portions cat food, to say cock instead of calling him an asshole every time he walk in the door. At least that s what he told his friend Marylin Manson in a recent interview for Interview magazine. In fact, Nic and Marylin spent a good portion of their interview talking about cocks Marylin compared his to a mummified hand Nic once owned, which tracks but they managed to keep them in their pants long enough to talk about a the time Nicolas won 20,000 at roulette and gave it all away to a Bahamian orphanage. Which also tracks.

In between Nic and Marilyn trying to out-eccentric each other which sounds a bit like lol, I m so random! , no! I M so random, you don t even know! , Marilyn teased out a couple of sad yet perfectly believable truths about Nic s life in Las Vegas. One of which is the fact that Nic hasn t gambled in over 30 years saying you can t live in Vegas if you re a gambler. I ve seen it destroy people. Of all the addictions, I think it might be the worst. That said, the last time he did, it was a boon for a local orphanage in The Bahamas.

MANSON: I was asking you about magic numbers, which does tie into the fact that you live in Vegas. Do you gamble?

CAGE: The last time I gambled was about 30 years ago. I was in the Bahamas, and I walked into a casino and felt like I had my mojo with me, like nothing could go wrong. My game was roulette. I went in with 200, and I didn t miss a number, so much so that even the lady spinning the wheel said, Nothing sweeter than a repeater. In 20 minutes I turned 200 into 20,000, so I went and found an orphanage in the Bahamas, met all the kids and the headmistress, and said, This is for you. I put the 20 grand in her hand, walked away, and never gambled again, because if I did, it would ruin the power of that moment.

While some might consider marrying International Woman of Mystery Erika Koike a gamble, I m guessing Nic s not counting that. Nic also talked a little about the new International Woman of Mystery in his life, 26-year-old girlfriend Riko Shibata. That s the woman he brought to view his New Orleans tomb. After joking about cock blocking Marilyn by hogging the mic at his FaceTime wedding Nic was the only guest and sang Love Me Tender , Nic said:

There was no Coooooock block! But let me say one thing: You are blessed. Since this whole thing happened to us and of course I feel terrible for everyone who has succumbed to this horrifying virus I have not seen Riko Shibata, Cage s girlfriend for six months. As soon as we got back from New York, she had to go to Japan, and now all Americans are banned indefinitely from flying to Japan. She can t come here because then she can t go back to Japan without being put in a government facility for weeks on end. So you re blessed. I m here with my cats and my crow and my occasional improvisational situation comedies that I do on voicemail, but that s about it.

Here s what Google gives you when you try to find out who exactly this Riko Shibata is.

She s a mystery, wrapped in an enigma, embedded in the U.S. Constitution and she s hiding in plain sight. Everybody needs to pray for those poor orphans because I think Nic is gambling again!

Here are some shots of Nic from his Interview photoshoot as well as one from the set of The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent featuring Pedro Pascal.

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How it s going. Against the backdrop of 2020, our fall cover star has entered his Nick Cage metaphase with two new roles as Joe Exotic, otherwise known as the #TigerKing, in a new miniseries based on the incarcerated, heavy-drug-using, polyamorous big-cat owner made famous by netflix, and as a cash-strapped version of himself in next year s The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent. Interviewed by marilynmanson, photographed by rodland.jpg, and styled remotely by melzy917 for our fall issue, out today.

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Sometimes, if I don t know how to play a part, I can refer to a Francis Bacon image, or I can read a bit of poetry, and it triggers something in my mind that creates a feeling, so that I don t have to act, says Nicolas Cage to marilynmanson in their #chaoticgood interview at the link in our bio. I think that s what art, for me, is really about. Animals, too. That s why I like to surround myself with reptiles and fish and cats. I just bought a crow. His name is Huginn, after one of the Norse god Odin s two ravens, Huginn and Muninn, and he s amazing He s an African pied crow. He says hi when I walk into the room and bye when I leave. The other morning he started laughing and called me an asshole. Photographed by rodland.jpg and styled remotely by melzy917 for our fall issue, out now.

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