Brian Littrell Of Backstreet Boys Joined Parler, And Kevin Richardson May Have Sub-Tweeted About That

Get the Full StoryBuckle up teenage girls and gays of the 90s 2000s! There is some Backstreet Boys drama brewing, and it s timely because it s related to what s going on politically in America. Fun combo! It seems that 49-year-old Kevin Richardson may have been subtweeting about his bandmate actual cousin 45-year-old Brian Littrell who recently joined Parler, which is like Twitter for the far-right. QAnon is Larger Than Life, sweetie and Brian may be a subscriber.

Kevin must have had some interesting holiday chats with his cousin Brian because Vulture says he tweeted some pointed articles. And Kevin included that two-eyeball-side-eye emoji, so you know he meant two things by whatever he said beforehand. It s like a Nu Century suffix. Kevin tweeted two interesting reads from Cosmopolitan called I Lost A Best Friend To QAnon, and The Unlikely Connection Between Wellness Influencers And Pro-Trump Rioters. QAnon had a big presence at the attack on the Capitol.

Interesting read https: WrLClXCFT4

Kevin Richardson kevinrichardson January 13, 2021

Another interesting read https: pUXlZ4Wctv

Kevin Richardson kevinrichardson January 13, 2021

Those eyeball emojis could mean, Bitch, I have met these people in my life. Because in possibly related news, last week, Brian Littrell let his 450,000 followers on Twitter know that they can also find him on Parler, which has been banned from Amazon, Google, and Apple for spreading misinformation and inciting violence.

BTLittrell come find me hahah like where s Waldo Join me on Parler Social Media! https: QyHNCHhd5x

Brian Littrell brian_littrell January 9, 2021

Brian also previously talked about how he wanted to play the inauguration of Donald Trump and has been very vocal about his Trump support. The Backstreet Boys did not end up playing the inauguration surprise, surprise! and Brian said it didn t work out. The group blamed their Las Vegas residency for why they couldn t, but since AJ McLean has been very vocal in his support of the Biden Harris ticket, methinks there were other reasons at play.

Well hey, the FBI hasn t identified all of the MAGA rioters who were at the capitol yet, so maybe Brian had himself a lil trip? If an Olympic gold-medalist can riot why not a Backstreet Boy? And remember when he dressed up as Sporty Spice? Brian is a master of disguise, so we d never know if he was!