Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Was Arrested For Domestic Violence After His Girlfriend Called The Police

Get the Full StoryJersey Shore s Ronnie Ortiz-Magro was arrested last on domestic violence charges and we didn t have much info. The only thing we heard is that the 3-year-old daughter he shares with his ex, Jen Hartley, was with him at the time of his arrest and Jen had to drive from Las Vegas to Los Angeles to get their child. Well, now we re hearing that Ronnie was arrested for allegedly attacking his current girlfriend Saffire Matos.

Sources tell TMZ that the cops were called by Ronnie s girlfriend herself, and once they saw the marks on her, they were able to put two and two together:

Law enforcement sources tell us it was actually Ronnie s girlfriend, Saffire Matos, who called the police that night after they d gotten into some type of argument that allegedly got physical. We re told when officers arrived, they spoke to both parties, and determined Ronnie was the aggressor.

As for why our sources tell us officers observed visible marks on Saffire s body which they determined she sustained during the alleged fight. We re told that was one of multiple observations that spurred police to slap the cuffs on Ronnie.

Yeah, it s not hard to believe Ronnie would be an aggressor he was only on a show about drunk messes being rowdy. Saffire posted to social media but downplayed the whole scenario. Saffire said they were both fine and not to believe the misleading information. Her Instagram is now private.

And Ronnie s attorney, Scott Leemon, spoke to TMZ as well, downplaying everything as well and acting like he was still looking into a situation his client had direct knowledge of. Yeah, still coming up with a narrative collecting evidence, I m sure:

We are still investigating the incident of last week and have not yet received any of the police reports. Therefore, we will continue not to comment while our investigation is still ongoing. As we have all learned in the past, initial reports can be and are often incorrect.

This is not great news for Ronnie because he s on probation for a domestic violence situation with Jen and so if a judge really wants to, they could toss Ronnie into the clink for violating probation.

Who d have thought that Snooki would end up the classiest member of the Jersey Shore cast? This could be another ROID RAGE situation and if Ronnie wants to stay buff, Vinny Guadagnino should put him on his Keto Guido diet. Roid rage avoided!