T.I. Released A New Song In Which He Drags His Sexual Assault Accusers

Get the Full StorySomeone get on the phone with the good people at Spotify and inform them that we ve got another track for the playlist titled: Songs That Absolutely No One Asked For. I don t know if they have such a playlist, but if they do, then shoot this one directly to the number-one spot. Guided by stupidity, hubris, delusion, or just an innate drive to be the biggest asshole possible, Clifford T.I. Harris released a new song What It s Come To, in which he takes aim at the dozens of people and some women who were allegedly minors who have accused him and his wife Tameka Tiny Cottle of sexual assault, abuse, and sex trafficking.

Most people facing accusations of criminal sexual activity and abuse from more than 30 women and one man, might be sitting at home, nervously biting their nails, and pleading with their lawyers, publicists, and The Devil to make it all go away. But not T.I. s been busy brushing off the accusations in a recording studio and a music video set. Yes, he filmed a music video for this song probably future exhibit in a criminal case, and it co-stars his wife and alleged accomplice, Tiny. I d say that if they want to be on camera together so badly, they should stick to filming T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle, but that s not currently happening, due to well, see above.

According to the lyrics for What It s Come To, the allegations are not just a brief mention. It s the whole song, but he doesn t drop any specific details. For example, Sabrina Peterson, a former friend of Tiny s and the woman who began to compile all the allegations against T.I. on Twitter, isn t named by name. But the song and video begin with a woman reciting a social media video Sabrina had posted previously, in which she urged T.I. to apologize to her for allegedly putting a gun to her head in front of her children. The rest of his accusers simply get reduced to Lyin ass bitches. Here s a sample of the lyrics, via Popculture:

And they say hell have no fury like a woman s scorn Fuck that, I m crankin up the jury, who you lyin on shawty? Extortion, is that what you got your mind on, shawty? Go put yo face and reputation on it These kind of claims deserve more than anonymous provocative conversation, don t it? he raps. Willing to face whatever consequences for his vision while I m up against some lyin ass bitches Damn, this is what it s come to.

The video features several women texting each other and claiming they have all kinds of bullshit they can make up to take T.I. and Tiny down, as well as a sleazy lawyer who represents them. The video ends with the original woman and her lawyer getting crushed by an old piano.

Releasing this song and the accompanying video is a terrific idea when you remember that lawyers for the accusers have sent letters to prosecutors in California and Georgia, urging them to open an investigation. In May, two new accusers came forward, claiming that they had been drugged, assaulted, and trafficked by T.I. and Tiny. One of the accusers reported in Los Angeles, and the other in Las Vegas. The LAPD opened a criminal investigation into the one victim s claims. Still, T.I. maintains in his new song that Behind the foreign cars, clothes, and expensive jewelry, I got a heart made of gold. Your honor, permission to call bullshit! He s literally making fun of women who have reported a sexual assault. At most, he s got a heart made of 60 nickel, sloppily coated in Rust-Oleum gold spray paint.

Pic: Wenn.com