Some People On The Internet Think That Kourtney Kardashian And Travis Barker Might Have Eloped

Get the Full StoryKourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker recently spent some time in Las Vegas, but instead of hearing the constant hum of slot machines or the dulcet tones of a dry-heaving drunk in the background, their ears might have been ringing with the sound of wedding bells. At least that s what some people on the internet have started speculating, based on an Instagram comment made by Kourtney s hairstylist. Some think that comment might have been a clue about Kourtney and Travis s current relationship status. Scott Disick and Shanna Moakler better brace themselves against something sturdy, because their fast-moving exes might have just gunned it full-speed towards a legally-binding marriage. Maybe.

According to Access Online, this all started after Kourtney s hair stylist Glen Oropeza posted a few pictures of Kourtney and Travis Las Vegas trip to Instagram. Okay, so at least we now know who is taking all those pictures of Kourtney and Travis during their intimate and private moments. But Glen went one step further, by dropping the kind of caption that absolutely earned him one gold star, a 3-pack of SKIMS lounge pants, and a coupon for a free salad from Kris Jenner, as a token of her gratitude and appreciation for Glen s efforts in keeping people interested in Kourtney and Travis relationship. Glen went ahead and implied that Kourtney and Travis might have gotten married, by throwing up a chapel and a heart emoji, and claiming that they have made him understand why people that get married in Las Vegas.

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Kourtney herself also posted the same photos, as well as some of her looking happy. Gosh, the last time Kourtney was seen with this much joy in her eyes and love in her heart was when she was told she didn t have to do KUWTK anymore.

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According to BuzzFeed, the plot thickens even more. The original caption on Glen s post didn t have a black heart emoji, but a diamond ring emoji. People quickly noticed that after Glen s original post started getting some attention, he suspiciously made that ring emoji disappear. But of course, if you stare really closely at those pictures of Kourtney and Travis, there are no wedding rings to be seen. Actually, that s not proof of anything. Something tells me they d be too cool for a traditional exchange of wedding rings. My guess is that if it did happen, the occasion was marked with matching His n Hers neck tattoos.

Or who knows, maybe they re even weirder than that. According to People magazine, Kourtney and Travis got an extra dose of social media attention after Travis decided to post a gallery of their Las Vegas pics to his own Instagram account. In several pictures, both Kourtney and Travis were wearing diamond-studded grills, so Travis went ahead and captioned the pictures with two vampire emojis. That s when Kourtney jumped in and commented: I want to suck your blood, to which Travis replied: My favorite. Someone tell these two that they are too old to be channeling their inner wanna-be high school goth kid. But wait, I m starting to think that Hairstylist Glen s initial Instagram post wasn t about a surprise Vegas marriage at all. Glen was dropping hints with those emojis! Glen needed someone to run to the nearest church and grab a crucifix and a bottle of holy water, to keep Kourtney and Travis from going full-Twilight on each other.

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