Okay, So Now Britney Spears Has Totally Called Out Her Sister Jamie Lynn

Get the Full StoryIt seems like it was just yesterday when I was writing about how Britney Spears dragged her sister Jamie Lynn Spears without actually saying the name Jamie Lynn Spears. And that s because it was! But what a difference a day and a seriously out-of-fucks-to-give Britney makes. Because as Jamie Lynn nervously backed into a darkened corner while thinking, Um, um, I don t think she s talking about me, Britney let us know that on top of performing in Las Vegas and the Framing Britney Spears doc, Jamie Lynn is on her shit list.

Recently-ish, Britney s Instagram has been going off script and not only posting happy time twirl videos and joyous hallway fashion shows. After Britney let the court know that she wants out of her 13-year conservatorship and also wants to sue her family, she apologized to her Instagram followers for lying to them about being happy. Then, after the court granted Britney s wish of picking her own lawyer, she slapped at those close to her for being fake tricks by righteously supporting her on social media today when they haven t done shit for her in the past. It seemed like Britney was talking about her little sister Jamie Lynn Spears. And in her latest sermon from the Book of Britney Has Some Shit To Say, she let us know she s pissed at Jamie Lynn.

Britney s latest Instagram post starts with her delivering a message to the fans who don t like her dancing videos. Britney once again said that she s not looking to be Daddy Spears puppet anymore. She d much rather perform in Instagram videos than slather on several layers of face paint to perform for a bunch of drunken, incoherent messes who smell like Snoop Dogg just farted all over them. And yes, I feel personally attacked!

I d much rather share videos YES from my living room instead of onstage in Vegas where some people were so far gone they couldn t even shake my hand and I ended up getting a contact high from weed all the time which I didn t mind but it would have been nice to be able to go to the mother fucking spa

Britney also mentioned how she doesn t like that documentaries about her bring up painful memories from the past. And she slammed her sister for performing her songs at an awards show:

I don t like that my sister showed up at an awards show and performed MY SONGS to remixes !!!!! My so-called support system hurt me deeply !!!! This conservatorship killed my dreams

This is probably what Britney was talking about. During the 2017 Radio Disney Awards, Kelsea Ballerini, Hailee Steinfeld, and Sofia Carson did a tribute to Britney. And at the very end of it, Jamie Lynn Spears came out while wearing one of Kesha s weaves and did Till The World Ends. Britney was probably hoping that the world would really end during this mess because she apparently hated every horrible second of it:

And backstage, Britney told a reporter that she had no words about Jamie Lynn doing her song and added that Jamie Lynn had a little devil look in her eye.

No words Britney on Jamie Lynn performing her songs 2017 pic.twitter.com a0BlA0fW9c

Fan Account breatheonmiley July 17, 2021

Well, Britney has words about it now. Here s her full Instagram post, which may or may not have made Daddy Spears nervously bite his fingers down to nubs. And that would make it very hard for him to pull Britney s puppet strings. I see what you did there, Britney.

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That post will probably be enough for Jamie Lynn Spears to step away from social media and stop going on about how much she supports Britney. But about that whole contact high from Las Vegas audiences thing. You re telling me that if I want to get high off some free weed smoke, all I have to do is be a global pop star with a bunch of hit songs and millions of fans? Sounds easy enough. I just did a kick ball change without totally falling over, so I m well on my way.

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