Bisping: Poor man s McGregor Dillon Danis doesn t belong in MMA

Get the Full StoryMichael Bisping on commentary duties for UFC on ESPN 9 at the UFC APEX in Las Vegas, Nevada. Photo by Jeff Bottari Zuffa LLC

Michael Bisping thinks Dillon Danis is a stain on the MMA community. Michael Bisping doesn t usually give Dillon Danis the time of day, but The Count was forced to address El Jeffe following his embarrassing scuffle with a bouncer outside a bar in Seaside Heights in New Jersey last week.

Bisping says Danis, who has fought just twice in MMA since making his professional debut in 2018, is a stain on the mixed martial arts community and doesn t belong in the sport.

Bisping acknowledges Danis jiu-jitsu credentials but says the SBG Ireland product s greatest claim to fame is training with and badly impersonating UFC star Conor McGregor.

I can t believe I m talking about Dillon Danis, who I refer to as Dildo Danis which is a little immature, but it fits him perfectly, Bisping said on his YouTube channel h t Rory Robinson of MiddleEasy .

He s a stain on mixed martial arts, and I wouldn t normally give him the time of day, the guy hardly ever fights. I think he s had two fights for Bellator, he s best known for being Conor McGregor s number one coat rider, if you know what I mean. Apparently, he s good at Jiu-Jitsu or whatever, I think he s got plenty of losses in that world as well. And he just copies Conor s whole schtick. He s a very, very, very, very, poor man s Conor McGregor. He s like a broke version of Conor McGregor that s lost all his money, he s gone broke, he s hit rock bottom. And that s what you re left with, that s Dildo Danis .

Bisping claims neither the MMA nor jiu-jitsu communities want Danis around following his arrest last week in which the BJJ world champion was choked out by a bouncer.

Dillon Danis, please, forever hang your head in shame, Bisping said. Never come back to the MMA community, the MMA community does not want you around my friend. And it doesn t seem like the Jiu-Jitsu community want you around either.

Danis was arrested for his behavior and charged with disorderly conduct. The bouncer who restrained Danis said the 28-year-old tried to use his Google page as a form of ID moments before getting choked out.