No Time To Die Review

Get the Full Storyhis has been a long time coming for obvious reasons, not least of which was a worldwide pandemic. With the franchise being locked in legal disputes regarding ownership, questions around Daniel Craig s commitment to another Bond film, and various directors walking away citing creative differences, No Time to Die is a miracle in more ways than one. But as it turns out, one well worth the wait for cinema audiences worldwide.

What hits home hardest with the trademark efficiency of Daniel Craig s tenure, is just how well he still fits this role. For all the naysayers who wrote him off prior to Casino Royale, he has gone on to earn his stripes and ride out numerous creative roadblocks to reach this point. Following Spectre, he was quoted as saying he would rather slash his wrists than go through another Bond shoot. It is therefore with no small degree of finality that this James Bond finally comes to theatres.