Ray J Has Filed For Divorce From Princess Love For The Third Time

Get the Full StoryBack in 2019, 37-year-old Princess Love accused her husband, 40-year-old Ray J, of leaving her and their daughter Melody Love stranded in Las Vegas while she was eight months pregnant. She took to social media to blast him, and the event triggered what would be a years-long cycle of filing for divorce and then canceling said divorce. TIME FOR ROUND THREE! Ray J has just seven months after they called off the previous divorce again filed for divorce. These two really want to be the Victor and Nikki Newman of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, don t they?

After the Vegas debacle of 2019 during which Ray J denied ever abandoning Princess , Princess talked about divorcing his ass, but after their second child was born that December, Epik Ray, the divorce talk was put on pause until May 2020 when she filed for divorce after 4 years of marriage. Their first divorce filing was called off that same July, and then they refiled for divorce again a few months later. Their second divorce filing was called off this past March. But now Ray J has filed yet again.

Ray J has been in hospital for pneumonia, and TMZ said that doctors were worried it s COVID. But luckily for Ray J, it wasn t, at least that s what his manager told People:

Ray J s manager, David Weintraub, previously confirmed to People that the star is in the hospital for pneumonia, but it s not the contagious kind The doctors wanted to keep him there a couple extra days to watch him, Weintraub said, adding that Ray J underwent multiple COVID tests, and he tested negative for all of them.

But even though Ray J is sick, he wasn t sick enough to file divorce documents yesterday in LA County Superior Court. TMZ says this divorce comes after the couple moved to Florida during the quarantine to work on their relationship. And apparently, back in February, he told PeopleTV s Reality Check that he and Princess were doing good.

In a really good place as parents, as friends and as people who really just want everything to be right for our kids, for our family and for us When you have two kids and you love your kids and love making them happy, I think from both of our eyes, just the good times exude all around.

Life comes at you fast sometimes.

So is there some sort of divorce filing punch-card? Do they get the third one free? Otherwise, it really does pay to be a divorce lawyer in Los Angeles. Sometimes you can get the same paycheck three separate times!

Pic: FayesVision WENN.com