No Time To Die Makes Timothy Dalton Movies Part Of New Canon

Get the Full StoryEver since his debut movie Casino Royale rebooted the franchise, Daniel Craig s tenure as James Bond has occupied its own continuity separate from the one inhabited by the five previous 007s before him. At least, that s mostly the case. The rules were always slightly fuzzy due to Judi Dench reprising her role as M from the Pierce Brosnan era. Now, No Time To Die confuses matters further by indicating that the Timothy Dalton films are part of its canon, too.

The 25th entry in the series unsurprisingly features a range of references to Bond history. Some of these are obvious the use of All The Time in the World from On Her Majesty s Secret Service in the score while others are harder to spot. For instance, in the corridors of MI6 headquarters at Whitehall we see a couple of portraits of former Ms. Dench s Olivia Mansfield is prominently featured in one shot, but if you pay attention another can be glimpsed on the adjoining wall depicting Robert Brown s M.