Teslas will drive under the Las Vegas Strip in tunnels

Get the Full StoryElon Musk's The Boring Company is spreading its underground tunnels throughout Las Vegas.On Wednesday, the Las Vegas' Clark County zoning commission unanimously approved plans to add to the Las Vegas "loop" underground transit system, but it's not a subway. The underground highway will cover 29 miles and 51 stations along the famous Las Vegas Boulevard strip and beyond to the local university campus and NFL stadium.It will be called the Vegas Loop, with electric Teslas whisking away passengers from stations at the main casinos, hotels, and attractions. The commission anticipates as many as 57,000 people can ride through the tunnels every hour.

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The current Las Vegas Convention Center Loop aka the LVCC Loop opened at the beginning of the year in the middle of the pandemic. The 1.7-mile tunnel stops at three stations around the convention center, the home of the massive CES tech convention.


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Eventually the Vegas Loop will connect passengers to the airport. TBC projects only a five-minute underground ride from the airport to the convention center. There's also plans to use fully autonomous Tesla vehicles through the loop system.But until then, it's just regular Teslas in tunnels around the convention center.