Adele s Las Vegas Residency Immediately Sold Out

Get the Full StoryAdele does it again! You just heard about how she s one of the few people around who can still sell a million albums. So it s not surprising that her Las Vegas residency, Weekends with Adele at Caesar s Palace, which begins next month, sold out after its pre-sale yesterday. This was before the public sale. And many Adele fans may be screaming in broke because it s not cheap to see Adele.

TicketNews states that the pre-sale for Verified Fans was to begin Tuesday, but a tech issue pushed the release of the tickets to yesterday afternoon. People didn t know prices as they went looking but assumed it would be 400 500 a pop. But nope. Ticketmaster s dynamic pricing structure was used to get the most amount of money. And it sure did!

After some pre-sale indications of a face value starting at 85 plus fees for the back of the room and 685 for the prime seats near the stage, prices appeared to be dynamically priced far, far above those numbers, dashing the hopes of at least some of the fans who got through the code system and the long queue only to be priced out on the primary market Based on social media posts, it looks like the dynamic ticket price range for Adele in Las Vegas was far higher than expectations, with nosebleeds bumped to several hundred dollars before fees, and prime locations nearly ten times the assumed 685 high end.

Let s look at some of these prices, shall we:

I love you Adele but I have rent due URHxGaTJoq

Judy Cardona benootie December 8, 2021

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jayson crtrdwrdjysn December 8, 2021

Does that say 5,326.90, or am I having a stroke? But regardless, people bought those tickets up and the over 100,000 tickets were gone within a day. And too bad for all the rest of you, because there won t be a general sale either.

. Adele's 'Weekends with Adele' is sold out on Ticketmaster before public onsale due to overwhelming verified fan presale demand. Over 100K tickets were sold for 24 nights at the Colosseum in Las Vegas.

Touring Data touringdata December 9, 2021

And because Adele tickets are more valuable than a black market kidney, secondary ticket sales sites already have tickets on sale, and front row tickets are going for 30,000 and up !!! . The money Adele is about to rake in from this residency is going to be ludicrous. I m sure she s already planning on finally having enough to buy one of those 250 million homes in London.

Pic: WENN Avalon