Open Post: Hosted By The Giant Talking Toilet From Katy Perry s Las Vegas Show

Get the Full StoryAnd I don t think that toilet is a tribute to her ex-husband Russell Brand. Since it s orange, maybe it s a tribute to Trump? Whatever the case may be, Katy Perry s Las Vegas residency Play will co-star a gigantic talking toilet. Don t worry, the toilet hasn t actually come to life, it s just a prop. But the diarrhea that some drunk Las Vegas tourist will leave in it by accident will be 100 real.

Play begins at the Resorts World in Las Vegas on December 29 and if you want one thing guaranteed, it s that it s going to be a shit show. Katy may have never won a Grammy, but that doesn t mean her songs are crap. They play her songs so much on the radio it makes you want to puke. Katy posted a short video of an orange-colored toilet speaking with the deepest voice possible, promising Eight more days until we drop this shit. Eight days? Someone needs to get Katy some Metamucil!

Only 8 more days until you can come to PERRY PLAYLAND

Where you ll be flush with happiness! #PLAY skwxtg609e

KATY PERRY katyperry December 22, 2021

I think talking objects are going to be a big part of Perry Playland because the previous teaser Katy posted was of a talking couch with some play blocks, but that voice was much darker and seemed to suggest something more sinister:

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Pee-wee Herman needs to contact his attorneys because Katy Perry stole his whole Playhouse for her show. But having a toilet onstage is a good idea. Because if Katy decided to do Ur So Gay, the audience could tell her to drop it in the shit can where it belongs.

Pic: Twitter