Night Crumbs

Get the Full StoryBehold, the DeviantArt circa 2006 that Selena Gomez had inked into her back. Cara Delevingne got the same tattoo on her side because I guess matching bleeding rose watercolor tattoos are the BFF broken heart pendants of 2021. But the good news for the both of them is that they have someone to commiserate with when a massage therapist tries to scrub the shit dripping down their body before a massage SOW

Katy Perry s Las Vegas residency looks like a children s show as seen through the eyes of someone tripping the fuck out on acid. In other words, it s very Katy Perry Lainey Gossip

After Katharine McPhee s husband David Foster got shit for drooling over her post-baby bikini body, she defended him and shook her head at our overly sensitive society. Says the person who wrote a whole wall of words over what strangers had to say about her husband s comment. But Katharine s wall of words will get her a thank you basket from Taylor Swift since she thinks Taylor Swift is the creator of haters gonna hate Just Jared

In case you wondering, Scott Disick is still crying douche tears onto the bosom of a 20-something over Kourtney Kardashian getting engaged to Travis Barker Celebitchy

Note to anti-maskers: You are going against the WORD OF DOLLY! Uproxx

Trevor Noah and Minka Kelly are still a thing People

Canada is now a Joe Rogan-free land because they won t let his unvaccinated ass in OMG Blog

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