How to read the James Bond books in order

Get the Full StoryJames Bond was a publishing sensation as soon as the first novel reached bookstands in 1953. Each of the first three U.K. print runs of Ian Fleming s first novel Casino Royale sold out within a month and earned the author a three-book deal. While it took a few editions for the series to make a mark in the U.S., Fleming had hit on publishing gold with his Bond stories. His tales of the British intelligence officer drew on the author s experience in British Naval Intelligence during World War II, and within a few years, the books were bolstered by the Eon film series of which the last release was 2021 s No Time To Die.

The official film series diverged from the novels from the start, and if you re familiar with 007 s cinematic exploits, then you may be surprised by Fleming s source novels. Set in the 1950s and early 1960s, his books are very much of their time. While the films have contended with altered continuity and changing attitudes over the past half-century, some of the themes and descriptions Fleming used should be approached with caution by modern audiences.