Adele Reportedly Clashed With Her Set Designer And Caesars Palace Ahead Of Postponing Her Las Vegas Residency

Get the Full StoryThe fate of Adele s Las Vegas residency at Caesars Palace, Weekends with Adele, is currently up in the air as she postponed her entire show the night before her first performance. In her tearful video, announcing that the show will not go on, she said that her show wasn t ready because COVID-19 made things difficult. The show was supposed to run on weekends until April 16. Since some disappointed fans spent money to fly out to Vegas and risked disease to see this woman sing, Adele is now in damage control mode. And part of that includes making FaceTime video calls to those who wasted their time and money on Adele tickets that fell through. But just because she s doing damage control doesn t mean everyone else is. The Daily Mail has heard so many things about behind-the-scenes drama and I think Adele s gonna be making a few more FaceTime calls.

People says that a handful of fans who were in Vegas for Adele s show got a personal FaceTime chat from her and she promised she d give them free merch and meet up with them when her show eventually opens.

During the calls, the 30 singer told fans she would give them free merchandise and offered meet-and-greets when her residency eventually returns

Another fan posted their conversation with Adele, during which they comforted her after she apologized for rescheduling. You know what? No worries. We love you, they told her. Adele also apologized to fans with a note written in lipstick on a mirror at her merchandise store in Caesars Palace, according to Entertainment Weekly. The message read, Hi guys! I m so upset to not be with you tonight. But I know some of you are here already so please hang out and look at the outfits, take pics of anything you want. Of yourselves and with each other!

The note continued, There s people in the room I worked with on the store and the merch. There s members of my management in here too to show you around. And any of you in here who were due to come to the shows this weekend can have a gift on me! I m so sorry again.

Written on the mirror in lipstick? How RuPaul s Drag Race of her. Here s one of Adele s video calls:

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And while Adele put the blame on Coronavirus, The Daily Mail says that there were issues between Adele and set designer Esmerelda Devlin. Adele and Esmerelda previously worked together in 2016, but sources say this time the two had clashes around the show and that it could have made Adele s anxiety worse as it s well known that Adele suffers badly with anxiety when it comes to performing live, so it s hard to imagine her going ahead if she wasn t happy.

One source told us: In spite of the set costing millions to put together, Adele was unhappy with the result, and she made her feelings very clear to Es She was already nervous and the falling-out sent her spiraling into a panic because she was desperate that everything should be perfect.

A second source told how the row came after the production had already been thrown into chaos by endless changes to the running order. They revealed: There was no real clarity around what Adele wanted for the show because of the endless changes being made to the production.

It seemed that while she has always preferred a stripped-back performance, she was under some pressure to come up with a huge extravaganza. So there was a constant ricochet between those two versions of what the show should be, and it did cause some quite explosive arguments.

There were some issues between Adele and Caesars Palace. Ceasars wanted a huge Las Vegas spectacle and reportedly auditioned a 60-person backup choir to assist Adele with Skyfall and she wasn t having it.

Adele has rescheduled shows in the past, as two 2017 shows were rescheduled but ended up never happening. And there s a chance Adele s residency may get pushed into 2023 because Ceasars is booked:

Insiders told The Sun: There are two slots in this year s calendar, from the end of February to the start of May, and from the middle of June to the middle of September. But if they can t work then it could be 2023 by the time they re rescheduled.

There was a rumor that Adele was going to make 2 million a show, and she just bought Sylvester Stallone s estate for 58 million. So now that she s out millions from her show being postponed, she s going to go from crooning Hello on The Strip for millions to crooning Hello it s me your landlady and the rent is due to the tenants she rents rooms to in order to make ends meet!!!!