Watch Drew Barrymore attempt to eat a lemon while keeping a straight face

Get the Full StoryAnother day, another edition of The Drew Barrymore Show's wholesome-if-a-little-tenuously-named "Drewth or Dare" segment.The bit, which sees audience members you guessed it playing truth or dare with Barrymore and her co-host Ross Mathews, has previously seen the star adorably surprise FaceTiming fans, but this time the challenge was far more intense eat a quarter of a lemon while attempting to keep a poker face.Sound easy? Well judging by Barrymore's facial expressions in the clip above, it's not. And maybe we'll soon have a new TikTok trend to prove it.Want more?Ryan Reynolds, Drew Barrymore, and other celebs respond to their 'Ted Lasso' shout-outsDrew Barrymore is all about that zombie mom life in Netflix's 'Santa Clarita Diet'Watch Drew Barrymore shatter the record for 'world's widest wig'