Green Lantern director reveals the one positive to come from the infamous dud

Get the Full StoryIt s been over a decade since Ryan Reynolds headlined Green Lantern, and yet the actor still can t stop making fun of a critical and commercial flop he succinctly described as a crease in the anus of the universe , which is a fair enough assessment.

Director Martin Campbell has been no less scathing in his assessment, with the man responsible for two of the best James Bond blockbusters ever in GoldenEye and Casino Royale somehow conspiring to deliver one of the industry s worst comic book adaptations.

Having previously admitted that he should have never taken the reins in the first place, Campbell has at least drawn one positive from his experience as he revealed to ScreenRant, with Green Lantern serving as the meeting point for star Reynolds and his future wife Blake Lively.

Well, I did! That, of course, is the success of that movie. By the way, both terrific people, honestly. Blake s hilarious. She used to cook little cakes for us every morning on set. She d bake them herself and bring them onto the set, and Ryan was a terrific guy as well.

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It sums Green Lantern up rather neatly that the only nice thing the guy who directed it has ever had to say has absolutely nothing to do with the events that unfolded onscreen. Even then, Reynolds and Lively didn t start dating until after production had wrapped, but they did tie the knot little over a year after Green Lantern sank without a trace at the box office to take its place in the superhero history books for all the wrong reasons.