Adele s Las Vegas Residency Is Still Happening, Will Reportedly Move To Planet Hollywood

Get the Full StoryWhen we last left Adele s Las Vegas residency drama, she reportedly wanted to move on from her show to making new music and making babies. But now TMZ is saying that Adele hasn t quit her Las Vegas show the same way my bowels quit me when I get up for a fifth serving at the Bellagio buffet. Adele s residency was originally supposed to happen at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace, but sources claim that she s planning on moving her show to the Zappos Theater at Planet Hollywood and it could open in just a few months. But I bet Adele fans are looking at this news as suspiciously as I look at a message from a Grindr trick who claims he s on his way. Uh-huh, I ve heard that one before!

Weekends with Adele was supposed to open on January 21, 2022, and run weekends through April 16. But just one day before her first show, Adele brought the rage out of her fans who spent money on traveling to Las Vegas during a pandemic to see her ass by announcing that her show wasn t ready and she was postponing the entire thing. Adele blamed the show s issues on COVID-19, but that horrible piece of trash demon Coronavirus probably threw her a side-eye. Because later it came out that the show didn t go on because of creative woes between Adele and Caesars, as well as her set designer. Apparently, Adele wanted a more intimate and simple production while Ceasars wanted a Las Vegas extravaganza including a 60-piece choir and a swimming pool stunt that Adele wasn t impressed with.

There was also a rumor that Adele left her residency because she was having issues with her maybe-fiance Rich Paul and that it was fucking with her show. But whatever past issues kept Adele from summoning the tears out of her fans eyeholes while performing for them, she s moving forward with her show. Sources tell TMZ that Adele s show could open at Planet Hollywood as early as this summer. Adele was reportedly going to make 2 million A SHOW at Ceasars, but at Planet Hollywood, she could make even more since the Zappos Theater is bigger than The Colosseum. Adele is going to be rolling in the deep end of her own Scrooge McDuck-like pool of MONAY.

Sources with direct knowledge of the singer s plans tell TMZ she and her team are in serious talks with the people over at Planet Hollywood, and will do the show at Zappos Theater barring any unforeseen setbacks.

Our sources say there ll be some major perks for Adele at Zappos she ll have full creative control over the show. And, get this, we re told Adele will also rake in a large cut of ticket sales a significant enhancement considering Zappos holds 7,000 people compared to The Colosseum s 4,100.

As for the dates, the official schedule is still being worked out, but the aim is for a late summer start that will run through the end of 2022 makes sense considering she recently revealed she wants to have a baby in 2023.

Well, if Adele s fans decide to try their luck again and make plans to see her in Vegas, they need to look into a little something called travel insurance. And if Adele s show happens, it will probably cause a boost in ticket sales for other Las Vegas shows. Because Adele fans who are not about to burned by her again are probably going to say to each other, Let s book tickets for that show where a guy does tricks with rescue cats as a backup because fool me once And I know, that Las Vegas cat show should NEVER be the backup. It should be the main event!