Doctor Strange 2 has fans naming the gnarliest PG-13 movies they ve ever seen

Get the Full StoryFor years, Marvel Studios had billed Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness as its take on a horror movie, and the final product delivered the goods. Sam Raimi s direction included heaping helpings of The Evil Dead, some genuinely spooky supernatural action, and an unstoppably terrifying villain.

Along the way, there were some seriously violent deaths and gross imagery, with fans praising Raimi for going right to the limit of what can be shown in a PG-13 movie. With Multiverse of Madness still fresh in their minds, Fim Twitter has been discussing other moments that pushed the boundaries.

Warning that some gross images follow.

Will Mavity of Maverick s Movies was first to kick off the discussion with examples from Casino Royale, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man s Chest, and The Mummy.

Apropos of the "oooh Doctor Strange is such a hard PG-13" discourse, what's the gnarliest thing you've seen in a PG-13 movie? ZR0BbAcxQq Will Mavity mavericksmovies May 10, 2022

Gravity is a great candidate for not pulling its punches.

I ve never seen the movie unfortunately but what happened to his face? alyssa alyssaciara1 May 11, 2022

Several people also named Andy Serkis getting eaten by bugs in Peter Jackson s King Kong, with some saying they can t rewatch the movie because of this one scene.

I can't ever watch this movie again because of this scene. I respect the hell out of Peter Jackson's dedication to the original that he'd make this scene based on the lost spider pit sequence, but I can't do it. I can just barely watch the Shelob scenes in LotR Jinx Removing slowboattohades May 11, 2022

Christopher Nolan s Dark Knight Trilogy also makes a couple of appearances.

This is exactly what I was thinking of lmao Lee KrygonTASM May 11, 2022

The Dark Knight DqE88viU7P Derbel McDillet Weslee_Reeshar May 10, 2022

Bond movie License to Kill was singled out.

First-ever Bond movie to receive a rating higher than PG. Bob Noss bob_noss May 11, 2022

And there were some nods to animated movies in Watership Down and Princess Mononoke.

This was PG, not the kind of thing a kid forgets in a hurry WHrrNdoDTq octoplasm octagonalpaul May 11, 2022

No competition.Princess Mononoke FwYSOoeGnB Ant Waiting for Halloween AGramuglia May 11, 2022

There s also many people naming Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, the film for which the PG-13 rating was invented in the first place.

The reason why PG13 was created, thanks ro Stephen Spielberg. nZVxoKOKZX Arclight ArclightPNW May 11, 2022

All are very fun watches, then, with a common thread that one mark of a good director is to skate as close to the edge of R as possible. The trick for many of these is to imply violence rather than show it, while being careful not include too much actual blood onscreen at any one time.

Here s hoping Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness isn t the last time Marvel Studios works with Sam Raimi, as it seems that the two mesh very well together.