Apparently, Ben Affleck Listed The Date Of His Divorce From Jennifer Garner As Exactly 9 Years Before His Wedding With Jennifer Lopez

Get the Full StoryAs everybody who reads Jennifer Lopez s newsletter On The JLo crickets knows, she finally secured her much-delayed wedding ring from Ben Affleck after the two got hitched in a Las Vegas wedding chapel among the peasants. Jennifer Lopez became Jennifer Affleck on July 16, 2022. And when Ben was filling out the application for a marriage license, he stated that he divorced the original Jennifer Affleck, Jennifer Garner, on July 16, 2013. But that s not true. Ben and Jennifer Garner were still married in 2013. QUICK! JLo, get one of your assistants to run down and fix this before the license is declared null and void!

Page Six reports that Ben probably had a good ol laugh to himself while signing his new marriage license because he listed July 16 as a day that forever ties him to another Jennifer as well. But that s a weird move because Ben and Jennifer Garner didn t announce their split until 2015 and their divorce wasn t a done deal until 2018.

Ben Affleck strangely listed his date of divorce from Jennifer Garner as exactly nine years to the day that he married Jennifer Lopez in Las Vegas.

The Deep Water star wrote in an affidavit of application for a marriage license on July 16, 2022, that he and the Alias alum divorced on July 16, 2013, Us Weekly reported Tuesday.

However, Affleck, 49, and Garner, 50, did not announce that they were separating until June 2015 and did not file for divorce until April 2017. They finalized their divorce less than a year later in October 2018.

Maybe Ben just didn t know and winged it ??? , or maybe he put that date down as a symbol of love to the reboot of Jennifer Affleck. Who knows, but of course, their Vegas wedding is the first in a round of other celebrations which will take place at Ben s home in Georgia That s not to say that JLo didn t treat her Las Vegas appetizer wedding like the true performer she is. Although the ceremony was attended by a few people including chapel coordinator Kenosha Booth, JLo s daughter Emme and one of Ben s children, People reports that she still found time for a costume change and a music moment thanks to a Bluetooth speaker.

As Lopez shared in her On the J Lo newsletter sent to fans the next day, she used the Bluetooth speaker at the facility which graciously stayed open past midnight to accommodate the couple for a short march down the aisle. And according to chapel coordinator Kenosha Booth, the two-time Grammy nominee walked to the classic Here Comes the Bride.

At the altar, they exchanged self-penned vows and simple wedding bands.

It was beautiful. Some tears were shed by them both, Booth tells PEOPLE of Lopez and Affleck. Jennifer looked stunning. Indeed, as PEOPLE previously reported, Lopez wore a white off-the-shoulder Zuhair Murad gown. That night, she also wore a dress from an old movie, as she called it in her newsletter; PEOPLE later confirmed it was a frock by Alexander McQueen.

Oh, JLo, you don t fool me. I know that you wore two dresses to prepare people for what you ll be wearing to your next wedding. At least she can bypass the pain of dress shopping when it s time to get married again in a few years. Just break out one of your dresses from your J. LoAf nuptials and VOILA! Crisis averted.

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