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Get the Full StoryA Spanish court has declared that Shakira will go to trial for allegedly dodging 14.5 million in taxes. If convicted, Shakira could be sent to the clink for eight years but please, she s not spending eight seconds in the clink . She s already claimed innocence and said that she s paid what she owes to the Spanish Tax Man. A trial date hasn t been set yet. While everyone is joking that Shakira is probably shaking and sweating over prosecutors calling her perjury-proof hips to the stand, I hope they really make her worry by calling the boars as character witnesses Pajiba

Rita Isbell, the sister of one of Jeffrey Dahmer s victims, wrote an essay on her thoughts about the Netflix show that recreates the emotional statement she gave at Dahmer s sentencing. Rita, who says she was never consulted for the show, pretty much certified Ryan Murphy s take as rotten, writing that it s sad that Netflix is just making money off of this tragedy. Insider

On the set of Amsterdam, Christian Bale s method acting ways came up against its biggest nemesis: Chris Rock. Christian had to let Chris know that they were fucking done professionally personally because Chris kept making him laugh and it took him out of character Complex

While out for dinner in Malibu, Jodie Turner-Smith served casual Miami Vice glamour while her man Joshua Jackson served 80s plumber dad tucking his t-shirt in after work to go to parent-teacher conference night hotness Celebitchy

Meanwhile, on the set of The Train Wreck Morning Show, Jon Hamm filmed scenes with Jennifer Aniston whose character I m guessing was just jumped by a bunch of Ooma Loompas which is why she s so fucking orange Lainey Gossip

Dear Las Vegas, hide your 20-something Instagram model daughters because Maroon 5 is doing a residency there. Just thinking about Adam Levine being in ho central for more than a few days is probably making his dick explode from the anticipation of it all Just Jared

Expect Pennywise to call the cops on Michael Myers for trespassing on his turf because the latest trailer for Halloween Ends opens with Michael killing a dude in the sewers SOW

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