Adele s Las Vegas Residency Finally Opened Over The Weekend

Get the Full StoryIt s been almost a year since Adele made us weep tears of joy and sorrow into our holiday meals. Her last album, the critically acclaimed 30, reminded us that there s one thing Adele does far better than any of her contemporaries: cry. Apparently, she can sing too, and earlier this year, Adele s fans were ready to flock to her Las Vegas residency Weekends With Adele at Caesar s Palace Colosseum, but unfortunately for them, it was canceled at the very last minute, causing her fans to weep loudly. Adele usually brings the weepies with her songs, but this time, her fans were crying over all the travel costs they lost from the last-minute cancelation. At first, COVID was to blame, and then there was a rumor that relationship woes with her boyfriend Rich Paul helped push her residency into the gutter. But the main reason given was that the production values were shit and not up to Adele s standards. Well, her show finally opened, and she sang Set Fire To The Rain in front of flaming rain, and it wasn t from a stagehand holding a candle while another sprayed a garden hose at the stage. So the production values have been upped!

According to TMZ, Adele was rolling in the deep of her feelings and MONAY! and could barely get through the first songs of her residency at Caesar s. Adele thanked her fans for returning to her show after she pissed some of them off for canceling the show s original run:

The residency was scrapped at the last minute in January after there were production disputes and COVID concerns. She took heat for the cancellation, and a reboot seemed uncertain.

Adele told the crowd, I should be giving you a standing ovation. Thank you so much for coming back to me. I really appreciate it. You look amazing and it looks just what I imagined it would look like, it s perfect.

She went on I m so scared and nervous, but I am so happy. I don t know what I was thinking putting piano ballads at the top of the set hopefully over time my nerves will disappear. I would also really like to thank Caesar s because there have been a lot of rumors and they never once asked any questions, they ve been amazing.

Here s that clip:

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I think the real reason Adele kept breaking down was that she couldn t believe people would pay so much to see her. I was intrigued and thought to myself, You know what? I ll allow Adele to cry all over me at one of her shows next year! And then I looked at the prices. Adele s run is sold out, but scalpers are asking up to 23,000 for a ticket. I will gladly watch her CBS special on repeat instead and have a loop of slot machine sounds playing in the background.Here are some moments from Adele s show, including that flaming rain bit, her disappearing in a cloud of glitter, and her talking to fans in the audience:

Set Fire to the Rain was UNREAL. Adele #WeekendsWithAdele 7QsBPTfC8p

Brandon L pez BrandonLopezTV November 19, 2022

Setting the fire to it #Adele reviewjournal #RJNow Wdtt0SEH46

John Katsilometes johnnykats November 19, 2022

thank god for rich ppl at the front row and their iPhone 14 OZd7vT3IxZ

ph lie Artichaud51 November 19, 2022

During her show Adele went into the audience and asked a little boy what his favorite memory is, and he said Well, kind of right here, right now fQd9U0Has1

Colyn colynelliott November 20, 2022

At my new job, we make Adele disappear. What s your superpower? 4NEUBbVDhW

Let s Rage! He Him TheLifeOfRayge November 20, 2022

Do you see what all that money gets you?? Fire. RAIN! And background singers who are probably fearing for their lives as flames dance in front of their faces.

Pic: Kevin Mazur Getty Images for AD