A car can drive itself during traffic jams with new Bosch system

Get the Full StoryLAS VEGAS — Google's self-driving car may be the belle of the automated vehicle world right now, but Bosch just announced a new automated system that allows a car to drive itself during traffic jams

Bosch is adding the system to Jeep Cherokee models at the 2015 International CES to show how manufacturers can help drivers navigate through traffic jams. The company said the system will be made available later this year in a series of European cars, but the specifics about which manufacturers are on board have yet to be announced.

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The concept is simple: When a driver manually turns on the system, it will know to follow the car in front and continue along with caution. Bosch said the technology is far safer than relying on the human brain to make quick judgement calls during jams. Read more...More about Ces, Tech, Apps Software, Mobile, and Self Driving Cars