Nissan and NASA team up to build zero-emission driverless car

Get the Full StoryEvery car manufacturer, it seems, is building a self-driving car, these days. At CES 2015, we've seen both Audi and Mercedes show their achievements in the field. Now, Nissan and NASA have teamed up, and joined the race.

The U.S. agency and Japanese automaker announced a five-year partnership on Thursday, introducing plans to build an autonomous vehicle system and preparations to apply the technology commercially

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Although NASA and Nissan may seem like an odd couple, they have quite a bit in common when it comes to car tech. Nissan has been improving its electric car, the Leaf, for four years now, while NASA has an electric, automated vehicle of sorts: the Mars rover. Read more...More about Nasa, Nissan, Tech, Self Driving Cars, and Driverless Cars